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Asset-Based Collateral Examinations can be tailored to your specific needs.


Beginning in 1997,

Mr. Stark organized PPM Finance, a 15-member team that originated a portfolio of

>40 Asset-Based Loans and Debtor in Possession Loans, with commitments of >$1.5 billion and outstandings

of >$700 million.  He established marketing

offices in Chicago, Baltimore and Philadelphia.  Average credit quality of the portfolio was BB+ with average yield

of >11%.

ABL Field Exams

Water Tower Capital performs complex ABL Field Examinations in accordance with agreed-upon procedures as requested, enabling lenders to make significant credit decisions for both commercial and asset based loans.


A field examination includes inspection of a client’s books and records and asset value testing focusing on any assets pledged as collateral support for a lending facility. 


Our field examinations span a variety of industries including manufacturing, distribution and service companies. 








Water Tower Capital

Field Exams services include:



New Business Field Examination or Survey Examination


Takedown Field Examination or Pre-Funding Examination


Recurring Examinations


Physical Inventory Test Counts


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