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John Stark has served as either a director or the non- executive chairman of the board on more than a dozen companies during the past

two decades. In 2012, Water Tower Capital and John Stark were retained by Coldwater Portfolio Partners, LLC to act

as the Chief Restructuring Officer of 37 Super Wal-Mart Shadow Centers in the central part of the United States.

The Chapter 7 Trustee also retained Water Tower Capital as the CRO for Retail Centers Management, the property manager for 15 Super Wal-Mart Shadow Centers. Finally, Water Tower Capital completed the successful

363 sale of the 15 Super

Wal-Mart Shadow Centers

in September of 2013.



CRO & Receiverships

WI Chapter 128 Receiverships

We advise both buyers and sellers of distressed companies in a wide range of situations. We have also executed Chapter 128 and 363 sales on behalf of buyers and sellers, as outlined below.


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